Signing Up

Is Health Shield available in my area? If not, when will it be?
Health Shield has launched in Pune and we will notify you as soon as it’s available in your area. Click here to sign up so that we can stay in touch.
Have some questions before I book. How can I get in touch with the Professional?
You can use our messaging feature to contact any Professional prior to booking, or at any time, even if you have never booked them before. You must be signed in to message a professional

Payment & Billing

Are taxes and gratuity included in the price?
Most States do not charge taxes on services. Please consult your accountant and tax advisor if tax is required in your State.
How can I set up my schedule?
Setting up your schedule is super easy with the Health Shield wizard. Just add your location, times you are available, services available and fees. . In addition, you can add individual appointments manually. If you want to add or delete a slot in your schedule, you can do so from your dashboard, by clicking on Appointments, and Setup. Don’t forget to update or your changes will not be saved.
What happens when a customer books through Health Shield?
You will be alerted when the customer books through Health Shield, both through email and on your profile. Once the cancellation period is over, Health Shield will automatically charge the customer’s credit card, and you will receive notification of that as well.
How and when do I get paid?
You will receive payment directly to your bank account automatically for each booking less the applicable Healthshield fee and CC charges, within 3-5 working days after the booking date. You must set up your bank details under Accounts in order to receive payments.
How many hours before an appointment can a client book an appointment with me?
A client can book an appointment subject to availability 3 hours before the appointment.
What happens if a customer cancels an appointment booked on Health Shield?
If a customer cancels before your cancellation deadline, they can cancel or reschedule without charge. However, if they cancel after your cancellation deadline, they will be charged for the appointment, regardless. Currently, the cancellation period is 24 hours. We plan to give Professionals more flexibility in the near future.
Can I take payment in Cash?
No. Pre-payment online helps minimize potential losses due to last minute cancellations, keeps your billing and accounts records up-to-date, and helps you manage your business with useful tools including reminder alerts. Health Shield does not accept cash payments. Can I offer discounts to my clients?
Yes, you can. however, you will have to book the appointment yourself from your Schedule by clicking on the required time. and set the price to a special price.
Is there a Credit Card Handling Fee?
Yes, there is a standard 1.9% CC handling fee plus Rs.0.28 per transaction, that will be applied to your sales.
How can I use the credit on my Health Shield account?
If your account is in credit either due to a promotion or Refer A Friend bonus, we will automatically deduct the credit amount from the Health Shield commissions. It will not be applied against your credit card fees.

Common Questions

Why Can’t Clients Book Me?
You may appear in the search results but not be bookable because you have not completed the minimal profile, or because you have not entered a debit card to receive payments. Please return to your dashboard and complete the information so that your services can be booked by clients
How does Health Shield bring me new customers?
Health Shield brings you new customers in a number of ways:
• Our referral program encourages and rewards customers who refer new customers to you
• We provide search tools to make finding you extremely simple.
• We advertise and attend conferences to drive more traffic to Healthshield.in and you
• Health Shield also enables coupon codes and promotions to encourage new customers to find you.
Is Health Shield secure?
Absolutely! Each monetary transaction takes place on secure servers that are PCI compliant. We will make sure that none of your personal information or credit card details will be passed to any third party.
How do you screen new clients?
Health Shield is committed to ensuring both your safety and the safety of our clients. For clients, we will screen for certain service types (like home visits, or vulnerable office visits) through a background check. Otherwise, we will simply verify the customer via email/sms.
Why should my existing customers use Health Shield?
To put it simply, it’s easier for your customer to book you at their convenience through Health Shield (even if it’s 2 in the morning) than to pick up a phone and try to reach you.
Why didn’t I receive my email notification?
Please check your email in your settings, or check your spam box.
How do I turn off or deactivate my profile?
If you really want to leave Health Shield, which we hope you won’t, you can turn off all your availability and after a certain time period we will deactivate your profile.


What’s the benefit of having higher ratings?
Having high ratings shows potential clients that you are great at what you do and will naturally attract more bookings. Users also have the option to sort their search results by ratings.
How do reviews work?
After an appointment has been attended your clients will receive an email requesting a review which consist of two parts.
• A star rating between 1 and 5 with ½ increments (this is mandatory)
• A written review which is optional.
Client full first name and initial of Surname will be listed e.g John T.
What are the Health Shield review guidelines?
To post a review you must either have made a booking on the Healthshield site or received an invite by the Professional you are writing a review for as an existing client.
Can I edit or delete a review?
To ensure that your overall ratings and reviews are 100% genuine you will be unable to edit or delete reviews. If there is a spelling error, please notify us and we will happily correct this. If you feel a rating or written review has been posted out of spite or malice you can contact customer support by submitting a ticket and we would be happy to look into this.

Refer a Friend

love Health Shield – how can I spread the word?
Not only can you spread the word, but you can join our Referral Program and earn credit to spend on your next booking! Click here to find out more! HealthShield also has a very active online community. Like our Facebook page or join the HealthShield LinkedIn group. You can also follow us and share our content on any of the popular social media sites such as Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Mobile App

Can I sign up using the Health Shield mobile App?
Our mobile App is currently only for Clients to find and book professionals on the go. The Professional app is currently under development and will be available Q4 2016!