Getting Started

How much does Health Shield cost?
Health Shield is free to sign up. Health Shield charges a low 4% booking fee for each booking made by existing clients (with a maximum total charge of $150/month for your existing client bookings). For new clients found and booked through Health Shield, a one time 30% booking fee will be charged and subsequent bookings are charged at 4%. All payments are subject to standard credit card handling fees. That’s it! No hidden costs, no strings attached, no withdrawal fees, no commitment and no credit card required and no surprises!.
Who can list on Health Shield?
Any certified professional in the Health, Wellness or Fitness field that provides a legal service or business from our wide list of categories and has official residence in the India.. Click here for a full listing of Professional service types. Check back if you don’t see your field listed, as we will be adding new service types in the future. We reserve the right to reject listings that do not match our values.
Does Health Shield support classes?
Currently you can only offer appointments. We will be adding exciting features for classes very soon.

Creating an Account

What if I left the Wizard, can I still complete my Profile?
Of course you can. When you return to Health Shield, the wizard will automatically pop up where you left off.
What is my dashboard?
Your dashboard is your control center. You can access it on the top right, by clicking on the Health Shield icon, next to your name. It’s where you can view and edit your profile, and manage your schedule, as well as setup your appointment availability and view your clients.
How much flexibility do I have with pricing, location, multidiscipline and duration?
You have complete flexibility, you can set up multiple locations, multiple services and assign a price per duration, location and service.
Can I set multiple locations?
We will be supporting this feature very soon.
Does my Health Shield schedule sync with third-Party calendars?
Yes, we currently synch with Google, and will support other calendars in the near future.
Why is my profile not appearing in the search results?
This could be due to a number of reasons:
• If the mandatory fields on your profile have not been completed
• Unfortunately, you did not pass our background screening. Learn more about background screening here.
• Check your email to see if your account has been deactivated or suspended.
Can I complete my profile later?
Yes, but keep in mind that your profile will only appear in search results once all the relevant fields are complete. See previous question.
Why has my account been deactivated?
There are several possible reasons as to why an account is deactivated:
• We have discovered false information.
• You have breached our terms and conditions.
• You have failed our background screening requirements.
Where can I see how my listing is performing?
You will have a dashboard on your profile where you will able to see your client list, your revenue, and other important information that will help you better manage your business.
Can I upload images, and videos?
Yes, you can. We believe this will help people get to know you and help you market yourself better. Can I contact clients directly?
You can use our private messaging feature to contact consumers directly, but only if they have been uploaded as an existing client or have booked your services previously.

Search & Book a Professional

What types of services can I find and book on Health Shield ?
The Health Shield has hundreds of service types that come under Health, Wellness, Fitness and Alternative Medicine.etc.
There are so many good choices. How do I choose the right professional for me?
Take advantage of our advanced search features to narrow down your search results and check out the Professional’s comprehensive profile to see if it’s a fit.
Are taxes and gratuity included in the price?
Most States do not charge taxes on services. Please consult your accountant and tax advisor if tax is required in your State.
What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?
With Health Shield rescheduling or canceling within the given cancellation period is as simple as a click of a button. Each Professional’s cancellation policy will be clearly displayed at the time of the booking. Last minute cancellations may not entitle you to a refund.

Payment & Billing

What are the payment options?
With Health Shield you can pay with almost any kind of credit or debit card, Visa, MasterCard.
Can I pay via my insurance company?
Not at this time, but we are considering it for the future.
How can I use the credit on my Health Shield account?
If your account is in credit either due to a promotion or Refer A Friend bonus, we will automatically deduct the credit amount from the Health Shield charges.
Do I need to give my credit card when I’m booking an appointment or class?
Yes, you will need to provide your credit card details the first time you book. After that, we store your information on secure servers and you will be able to book with a click.
When do you charge my credit card?
We will first authorize your card and then process the payment once the non-refundable cancellation period has reached. This may vary between Professionals ranging from 24 hrs, 48 hrs or 72 hrs.
How do I use my Dashboard?
Using your Dashboard is extremely simple. To the left of the screen you will five options, My Profile, My Schedule, Appointments, My Professionals, and My Settings. There are self-explanatory, but if you have any questions about how to use it, feel free to ask for help.
How do I see my past Healthcare Professionals, appointments and classes?
You will be able to view all your previous bookings and favorite Professionals on your dashboard.

Common Questions

Why can’t I book a Professional?
If a Professional has not completed his profile (including entering a debit card) you will not be able to book him. If you know the Professional in question, you can remind him to finish his profile, so you can easily book him at any time that is convenient to you.
Are Professionals screened?
HealthPRO is committed to ensuring both your safety and the safety of our Professionals. We run a full FCRA compliant background screening on each Professional which includes: ID verification + National Criminal Database Search + National Sex Offender Database Search.

Refer a Friend

I love Health Shield – how can I spread the word?
Not only can you spread the word, but you can join our Referral Program and make money! Click here to find out more! Health Shield has a very active online community. Like our Facebook page or join the HealthPRO LinkedIn group. You can also follow us and share our content on any of the popular social media sites such as Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest