Personalised Branded App

You can build your own custom branded smartphone App, which creates a new direct communications channel between you and your patients, and puts your brand in the pocket of your customers. Through the App you can collect personal information and preferences of your customers that will allow you to segment, personalize and optimize your marketing materials and campaigns. You also have the option to offer them tailored contents through the App, and communicate with them directly with App notification.

Patients Schedule and Notifications

Health Shield allows doctors to create personalized scheduled for each patient including medications schedule and follow up consultations, they can also set up reminders and notifications to be sent to patients, Patients can access their schedule through the App, helping them successfully complete treatments and therapies. Doctors can also have custom schedule to help them stay organized

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Health Shield includes some tools tailored for the health industry, allowing doctors and health professionals to keep patients history and keep records of patients general history data, consultation notes, tests, diagnoses, treatment and medications. This information can be shared with patient and among doctors propitiating easier and more efficient follow ups.

Online Consultation

Virtual doctor visits are rapidly gaining popularity these days as more health insurers offer telemedicine services to help cut costs. Studies have shown that virtual care may effectively used to treat common problems. Video doctor consultations can save patients a lot in time and convenience

Event Manager

You can communicate with your customers and send them offers and promotions through SMS messages, which are automatically segmented and personalized to match the interests of each customer. You can create a onetime promotion, a recurrent promotion, or schedule your promotion to be sent automatically on the date and time of your choice, which allows you to prepare and create your promotions In advance.

Secure Payment Gateway

Now set your consultation fee and accept credit card, debit card and prepaid wallet payments from anywhere in the world